RubyLee’s Ice Cream and More 

Ice Cream

  •  Hard Serve
    • Over 20 flavors to choose from
    • Soft Serve
      • Maple Creamee & Vanilla Creamee

Specialty Sundaes

  • VT Maple Sundae – Espresso – Turtle Brownie – Coconut Almond – Banana Split


  • Mango Ginger – Raspberry Peach – Blueberry Mint – Green Banana – Mocha – Peanut Butter Banana

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

  • Ginger Apricot with Vanilla Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip with Vanilla Ice Cream – Chocolate with Mint Ice Cream – Peanut Butter with Chocolate Ice Cream – Chocolate with Toasted Coconut

Specialty Items

  • Razzle
    • Maple Bacon Razzle: Maple Creamee blended with real bacon pieces
    • Razzle: Vanilla Creamee blended with your choice of 6 types candy
    • Aztec Shake: Chocolate ice cream blended with chili and cinnamon
    • Raspberry Lemon Coolee
    • Café Affogato: a demi scoop of vanilla ice cream immersed in a double shot of espresso and topped with shaved dark chocolate

Coffee & Drinks

  • Espresso – Cappuccino – Latte – Americano – Iced Coffee – Chai Latte – Frozen Café Mocha – Mint Tea – Lemonade

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